Effects of Thoughts on Plants

This plant project was to explore the question: Do energy and thoughts have an effect on the growth of the plants? The purpose of this experiment was to learn how to send specific energy and thoughts to plants, and to see if there would be a noticeable result to the growth of the plants.

Over the course of ten weeks, daily treatments on the plants involved transmissions of energy and thoughts—positive, neutral and inharmonious—to the plants, as well as watering the plants with a solution with baking soda in the morning and a solution with valerian in the evening. The experiment involved keeping track of temperature, humidity, the light conditions and growth of the plants. The plants were measured at specific intervals to determine growth. For the complete written report click here for the pdf file.

olga1 chart.jpeg


We feel that the results are not dramatic, but very suggestive. All plants that were given energy treatments grew better. The plant that was given inharmonious thoughts grew less than plants that were given love or treated with neutral energy. The following chart and picture are taken from the final written report and presentation. They give a pictorial and graphic display of the results of one person’s part of the experiment. For a complete presentation of the results click here.



AO = Plant "A" treated with indifference
BO = Plant "B" treated with goodwill
CO = Plant "C" treated with will for destruction

The Results show that:

  • Plant BO had more final growth of leaves
  • Plant AO & CO had some final growth of leaves
  • Plant AO had more final growth of the plant, with BO the next highest
  • The Control plants showed less growth of plant and fewer number of leaves than the other plants