Volunteer with our programs – service opportunities include working on the research projects in our labs, maintaining social media accounts and the website, raising funds for the research programs.

Participate in research and education – join our research teams, either at a lab or from a distance; replicate the research projects, share information, and help create interactive instruction and videos on the website. Some Programs to join are the Human Electric Field; Plant Research; UV Light and Health Detection; Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Research.

Collaborate to expand the research – share your ideas and thoughts about the Agnium Research to further enhance the work. Join specific projects that gather data worldwide, to benefit all people, for example: Effects of Thoughts on Plants; Observing the Effects of Forces and Energetic Matter; and Atmospheric Conditions.


We Welcome Collaboration
If you wish to propose a project to us, please use this template to describe the experiment to us.

Agnium Research Experimental Report Form


  • Transmission of Thoughts: Wireless Communication Near and Far;
  • Atmospheric Conditions: Energies in Space.