A Journey Begins

Why do I begin? Is it just simply a question, a need, a desire, to know more? Perhaps.
If it is more than that, it really does not matter.

The journey is the point while you are in the midst of it. Answers come when least expected and often not the ones you had in mind. It’s of no consequence. Answers are answers. Results are results. And when asking questions in a scientific manner this is how things should be.

So, in light of this, I have started on a journey here to investigate the properties of readily available equipment that claims to be of use as a healing device using Electromagnetic Radiation. If it proves to be a valid option for people, that would be wonderful. If it turns out to be the opposite, better to know then not.

There are many that may say this is a waste of time, the technology is worthless and such things do not work. However, many important scientific and medical discoveries were made in the face of the same type of incredulousness put forth in the past by bastions of the medical and scientific establishment of their time. My view is that sometimes we are not yet intellectually ready or technologically able to measure what exists beyond the accepted cannon, but that should not stop us trying to discover the hidden or unknown to us.

We shall see.

More to come, T. E.