Investigating the laws of nature in light, forces, energy and matter.


Exploring new ways to use technology and scientific approaches.


Sharing results, expanding ways to improve the world around us.

UV Light and Health Detection

Photo by quickshooting/iStock / Getty Images

We are investigating ultraviolet light emissions given off by living organisms to determine basic indications of cellular activity in humans, plants, and animals. It is our objective to explore and identify indicators of health or imbalance and disease by the degree and quality of UV light emission we detect from our test subjects.

EMR for Killing Pathogens (EMR-KP)

The goal of this project is to evaluate the potential of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) for killing microorganisms, with the eventual goal of killing pathogens and reestablish health in humans. Our aim is to first reproduce some of the published experiments before focusing on specific applications that can benefit large populations of patients.


Agnium Programs cover a wide range of research, focused on exploration and experimentation, observing, testing theory, investigating new technology, and protocols. As we further understand the laws and properties of matter, forces, light and energy that make up our lives, any new discoveries will be shared with others for the health and well-being of humanity.